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Live Illustration

Event artist

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Live illustration is a perfect way to highlight the beauty of the event. It's not only an entertaining performance but it also leaves guests with an original piece of art that has been created in front of them.

Martyna Brechelke has experience working as an event artist on Fashion Weeks, corporate parties, in-store events, and private events.

She worked, among others, with Tiffany & Co., Oribe, Gestuz, Soeren Le Schmidt, Lovechild 1979, and Mark Kenly Domino Tan.

Copy of Martyna-Brechelke-Fashion-Illustrator-6_edited.png
  • Why live illustration for the event?
    It is a remarkable experience for guests and clients. Live illustration is a captivating performance that sparks excitement and accentuates the event's uniqueness. Guests can witness the creation of art in real time and leave with an individual, original piece. This special gift serves as a lasting memory, highlighting the beauty of the event.
  • How does it work at the event?
    It depends on the event schedule, the number of guests, and the venue. I always ask to prepare an illustrating area with a table and 2-3 chairs for me and the guests. For smaller occasions, guests can stay nearby or sit by the table with me and chat when being illustrated. For bigger events, I can take pictures of the guests and create drawings while the guests are enjoying the celebration. At the end of the event, illustrations can be picked up from the illustrating area.
  • How long does each illustration take?
    Depending on the flow of the event, each silhouette takes on average 8 minutes, around 7 people per hour.
  • What type of events can you draw at?
    There are many options: corporate parties, in-store events for clients, product launches, store openings, fashion shows, Christmas parties, pop-up events, weddings, and private parties. If there is a special event you would like to invite me to, let me know, and I am sure we will figure something out!
  • What medium do you use?
    I am using both analog (physical) and digital techniques. Before the event, we decide with the client which method will be the most suitable for the atmosphere of the event. Analog (physical) illustrations are made on mixed-media paper, usually between a5 and a4 size. My main tools are fine liners, black ink, and watercolor-based ink. This method allows me to create the drawings very quickly as the inks are drying fast. I sometimes add a touch of oil or dry pastels or white fine liners/acrylic pens. For the digital illustrations, I use my iPad, Apple Pencil, and Procreate app. The finished drawing can be sent directly to the client in a digital form. I can also create art during the events on the packaging, window displays, products, and bottles.
  • What about the paper for the physical illustrations?
    I provide clean paper dedicated to mixed-media. It is usually 250g/m2, acid-free, white a5 or a4 size. The client can also prepare a customized paper for the event after agreeing on the qualities of the paper.
  • Do you create big-format illustrations during events?
    I do! I can go up to a1 size and I use the big format to capture the atmosphere of the event. Illustrations like this take more time (estimated time given after agreeing on the size of the artwork) and include interior elements, decorations, silhouettes, and other relevant for the occasion details.
  • Can the time be added during the event?
    Most of the time- yes. I always discuss individually with the client before the event what are the possibilities and costs of extending the time during the event.
  • What is the cost of hiring you as a Live Illustrator for an event?
    Each event is unique, therefore pricing is provided on an individual basis. The rates are calculated hourly. For further details, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.
  • Can you travel to the events?
    Absolutely! I am based in Copenhagen but I can easily travel for clients. If necessary, travel fees may apply.
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